The Forgotten Toa (Chapter 1)

This is my first story on the boards. I hope you like it!

Hutere. That was his name. Ekimu, sent.... He drifted out of consciousness again. He woke again, and he saw a small Rahi above his face. He sat up.
"Now, who would you be?"
"Pik! Pik!" The creature trilled.
"I guess that's your name now, whether you like it or not." Hutere smiled. "Now, I need to know, little one, where am I?"
"Oh, he can't tell you that." said a voice behind Hutere. "But I can."
Hutere spun around, whipping out his katana and preparing his elemental ability of wind.
"No need for the sword. I promise." Hutere saw that the voice belonged to a short Toa with green armour and golden blades strapped to his back. "I see we have the same taste in weaponry. Name's Tailu. You?"
"Where am I?"
"Tipukoto. Now, what's your name?"
"Hutere." He finally replied, after a pause. "Is Pik yours?"
"No. In fact, I've never seen him before today." Tailu replied.
"Why are you here? I thought Tipukoto was abandoned."
"I'm on my way to Okoto. I mean, aren't we all, with the Six Toa showing up there."
"I'm not."
"I know that those Toa will stay on that island for a long time. They do not need our help." Replied Hutere. "I have been in contact with Ekimu. I am needed on another island, my home."
"Are you sure?"
"Positive." Hutere gave Tailu a look of absolute certainty. "You speak as if you have been here for a time, but you speak of traveling.
"I got here, but my boat was damaged, so I have been here for about three months."
"I believe we should begin walking."
"To my home." said Hutere.
The two walked for a time, and then Hutere stopped at a tree.
"Why.. are.. we.. stopping?" said Tailu, clearly out of breath. "I can keep going."
Hutere chuckled. "This is where, how we get to our destination, Tokakota."
"Why.. are we going... there?"
"It's my home. Also, it is where my weapons stash is, along with a few old friends of mine. I have a mission, you know."
"Which... is?"
"I will tell you when we arrive." replied Hutere. "Until then, however, know that..." Hutere stopped talking.
"What, know what?!"
The bushes rustled and Tailu shut up. "You stay." He jumped into the bushes. Tailu heard laughing, and saw Hutere come out if the bushes with Pik.
"I guess he wants to come, too!" Hutere then pulled a gadget put of his belt and started scraping away the tree's bark. There was a keyhole in the shape of a claw. Hutere inserted his gadget, and the tree bent to make a gateway into the earth. "Come, friends, let's go."

The end.. for now


It was good until this, portals don't fit in with okoto, and there lame excuses for travel imo. I personally would have done something like "and with the grinding of century old gears, the ground opened up before them."

I use portal for door. Basically, I'm saying there's a door, but that sounds boring.

If a door sounds boring you could also say hatch, or say "the wall slid away, revealing a..."

What about this. It actually makes more sense considering what happens next.

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This is groovy. please post more. I am quite enjoying this.

When did it say anything about portals, or am I just missing something. I am really tried right now.

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I will post more when we finish the roleplay. The portal was removed and replaced by the moving trees.