The Frijol's Art: Great Spirit Robot

So…Hi! .n. I’m Johan and I’m new at this place. Well, I don’t know what to say, but I do a lot of artwork (Bionicle and my personal projects), and why I do so much art? Becouse I’m actually depressed and I have nothing else to do :'0 (just joking).

As you can see, my art is basted a lot in the mythic That-1-cactus art (I just love her style). And with that said, I give you this Mata Nui fan-art c:



Welcome to our boards.

The orb/energy adds a nice splash of color to the grey. I really like this.

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Welcome to the message boards! Take it from a fellow artist, this place is great for posting art! I can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

Anyways, this look awesome! I’ve always loved drawings that look kinda “sketchy” (like they were sketched with a pencil)

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Thanks! In fact, I made that orb for giving more color to the drawing :'D

Thank you! Well, I’m going to share more drawings now and then C: And well, I did all the drawing with a pencil xD so I think you hit the nail.

Edited for double-post. --John Smith

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(Should probably warn you. Double posting isn’t allowed on the boards. Just combine those last to posts into one and you should be good)

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I think this would be greatly enhanced by a not grey background. Otherwise it’s great.