The FTL topic

so, this is the FTL topic, so post FTL stuff here!

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I know @ToaVuhii will love this topic.

So would @charyas


Uh anyway: I never played the game, but one time Vuhii did, and named a crewmember after me. I was the last man alive.

You died bruh.

This game is super fun. I have yet to beat it.

Yeah, but didn’t I die after the other two?

Robomatt and the other guy?


I just played it for the first time. For a couple of hours on end.

Only once did I manage to make it to the second sector.

Dang, this game is hard.

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since your new to it, i would suggest putting it on easy,and turning of advanced edition content until you get better. also, try and unlock new ships to find which suits you best


So would @SammySpartan.

You know who else would like this topic? Me.
Yeah, this game is great. I don’t play it very often, but I do love it. I’ve only beat it once (barely), and it was on easy mode. I should revisit it soon and unlock some more ships (gotta have dat Lanius Cruiser…).

I heard about this.

And know next to nothing about it.

All I know is that FTL stands for Faster Than Light


Haven’t played the game yet but I have been meaning to. Time, why do you elude me so?

Bois, good news: FTL is now -75% off.

I just bought the game, what mods should I have to improve my experience? HD backgrounds or something? If you send me links, I’d be grateful.

You don’t need mods for this game to be good.

I say this primarily cause idk any mods…

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Thank you Steam. Now I have even more of a reason to purchase this game.

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I love this game, although I’ve never beaten it. Unlocking new ships is really fun to!