The G.L.O.P

What is life?

What’s the point of being here?

What even is ‘here’?




This was a mech I made a long, long while ago, around May of 2015. The only reason I’m posting him is to get some much needed C&C, since I’m less than proud of it.

Front View:

Side View:

Back View:

The G.L.O.P with Emdee, because similar color schemes are fun, right?

The driver, MANNY M. IMAMANderson, fighting a giant squid-man:

MANNY getting kicked out of the Unified Racers Guild:

As mentioned before, criticism would be great!


I like the general ideas I’m seeing, but the execution isn’t great.

I dunno, the torso is too big, or the limbs are too small, or something.

I do love the dudes name tho…

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Wow. That intro was perfect! :laughing:

Anyway, about the moc itself. It is amazing! There’s not really anything I can find wrong with it.

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I feel like the legs need to flow better, as it sorta drops off. I think making the feet 1 brick thicker would solve this. Really all I think you need to do is make the limbs flow better, as the wrists are much bigger than the forearm. The torso looks good from the front, but the side view could use some work.

Anyways, it looks good


Quite zany.

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Very uniquely designed mech. I love it.



Personally I’d add more weaponry to the posts attached to its back.


Nothing like a classic system mech. Good job, especially on that intro.


I know that face anywhere!




I completely agree with you. I’ll try out your idea to make the feet a brick thicker and go from there.

The larger wrist was actually done on purpose, though it wasn’t executed too well. I’ll just scrap them and figure out a better design.

Yeah. I will fix it.

Thanks Omega!

That could work out, though I don’t exactly know what sort of weaponry that I should add. :confused:


I think its fine, but alright.

Now that I look at it the elbows could be better.

More weapons is always, ALWAYS, a good thing.

Looks really good, I really like the intro too

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As for the MOC itself, I don’t think it’s bad at all. It has kind of an 80s Lego look to it. Maybe making the bottom part of the torso less wide would maybe it look better?


HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!:laughing: I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t even need to watch the video to get that, I mean, I can’t, even if I wanted to, 'cause I’m using a school laptop, but its still amazing!

Also, like @Sonus said, he could use some more back missiles.

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IMO, the torso could use some more shaping. Right now, it’s pretty much just a rectangle with limbs. The legs could also use some more work, especially the knees. I like the arms cause they look cool

Hope that helps!

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Combined with the rest of the mech it just looks sorta plain in comparison.

No problem. I live for these types of mocs.


Alright. I see what you mean. That part is good, when the rest is really great.

Reminds me of an old lego set. Nice.


I think it might be the torso.

Perhaps if it got a bit thinner, as it went towards the hips…

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Personally, I think you should keep the torso proportions. It gives the whole mech a lot of personality.