The Game's Been Changed, Folks!

Got this bad boy a few years back and had zero time (drive) to unpack and use the darn thing. Needless to say, there’s a few MOCs that’ll be getting finished up real soon now that I’ve got the Airbrush up and running. The Powerhouse Girls of the Toa M’Kuu are slated next for painting!

Special thanks to Galva_Nize on Shapeways for the Ruru Variant, Inorganic Calix, Mask of Intangibility, and Mask of Fusion.


ooooo me sees a varian and tuyet comin!
great to hear!

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Cool airbrush man, however I know from personal experience that without a top coat that paint will wash off with water.

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Oooh cool! Also that’s a pretty good setup

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…yeah, about that. They’re not Varian and Tuyet. They do share both the mask and element though.

that left one’s just the mask of control