The gates of Ta-Koro

Finished this a good while ago, but still haven’t posted it to the boards, so here it is.

And heres a sneak peek at something I've been working on:

I’m working on remaking it on nice paper with color, though no promises on when it’ll be finished or posted


nice work ma dude!


The ships remind me of something from FTL.

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Its based off of some art I saw for Lancer: Battlegroup when it was still in prerelease. theres official art now, but they totally butchered my boy (Harrison Armory’s Louis XIV class dreadnought), so Im sticking to a modified version of the one I saw before full release.

Since that is my battlegroup Im going to be running at some point here, I do have story for each of the ships and their crew, and each ship is of course named


Ah this looks pretty good! I love the shading used and it looks accurate. nicely done!

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I feel like I’ve see this somewhere before🤔

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Most of my drawings are recreations and/or slight modifications of reference images. I mostly do them cause it’s fun and I can make some changes if I like, not to be super creative. I can’t really draw very well straight from my head, I need something to work from.