The Gen 1 Adjacent Australian Batman w/ Proof of Concept

A lot of people wanted Pohatu in g2 to have a kick function but the thing was the gearbox on his hips made him really fat. So I tried to make a proof of concept for a hip gearbox. Turns out I actually got it, kinda, and since I already had the gearbox I might as well make the dude anyway.

A quick look at the gearbox, which sadly I could not add any friction to as it would elongate the rear badly or would extend the hips further.

Hope you guys like it!


RIP Uber-Poseable Legs

Nice Job!


Woah, you are a genius! awesome work!

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Eh, I like him better with his giant thighs.

You want Pohatu Mata in G2? Just flip the gearbox upside-down. /s

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I prefer to flip the entire torso upside-down, and use a small CCBS bone to give him a neck.

Hmm… I suppose that could work!

But then you would have a giant ball at the bottom.

Bring the torso armour down a pin, along with covering the balljoint, it allows for Pohatu to be hunchbacked.

I guess…

Not really a fan of how blocky his back looks.

Thanks guise

Personal preferences.

Yeah, I’m not really either. This is a proof of concept to see how a kicking gearbox would work, so it’s not going to be the best. I would slope the back to look more like his g2 set but it kinda looks weirdish.

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Yes, this is a great idea however it still does make Pohatu look awkward. I guess if you wanted his legs to kick you could choose this or the flip but I personally would choose this. Nice job.