The Generic Battle arena! [NOW ACCEPTING APPLICANTS]

Is Exactly what it sounds like. An arena to pit your character against other peoples characters! You character can be from anything (as long as it is appropriate), and isn’t OP.

Usual RP fairplay rules apply, no Godmodding, not Autohitting, Etc.

for example, here is my character.

Name: Makuta Therak
Gender: male
Species: Makuta
Abilities: Typical makuta powers: Though doesn’t use a lot of them for moral reasons. wears a mask that combines the powers of almost all known masks, but he can only use a total of 15 within a month-long period. those excluded are one-of-a-kind masks, nuva masks and legendary masks.

weapons: a large pole arm with a sword/ax combo head, and a small club on the other.


bio: He is the makuta of the island of Otouro in the southern island chains.

His personality is that of a wise caring ruler. He is known to go out of his way to help those in need but can be somewhat inflexible in his administration of justice. Since he is physically stronger than most in his jurisdiction and has been seen assisting the inhabitants with building projects, accomplishing them ahead of schedule. He known to harbor great love for his people, and every week has an open hearing, where any may come speak with him. While he is a good ruler, he is known for being extremely strict, and can be a bit inflexible when it comes to altering laws and sentences. He shows great concern for others, to the point that he forgets to take care of himself but shows no mercy to criminals. He has several different powers, such as the ability to create a shadow hand, and control fear and anger, but does not use them for moral reasons. He can also ■■■■■■■■■■, but rarely does so, because he feels like he is deceiving people when he does so. He is an accomplished warrior, and often can be seen at the front lines, defending Otouro from Skakdi and Visorak raiding parties.

The game starts July 16th, but sign ups don’t close!


If would make a suggestion, could you perhaps outline the rules a bit more clearly? Because if rules such as “No autohitting” or “No Godmodding” aren’t explicitly stated or not present, people will most likely take advantage of it and exploit it, ruining the experience for everyone.
Just a suggestion.

Good idea, if I knew what autohitting was.


Another suggestion: make it an rpg.

Use this for reference:

What do you mean? There’s no story.


Also, in the character sheet, there should be a field for the character’s species.
Some characters may be toa, others Zyglak, others matoran…you get the point. Species should be specified.

yeah. sorry, I’m new to making an RP. Also, what is Autohitting. I couldn’t access past the first two pages of that link.

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Autohitting means basically always hitting other players all the time and never gets hit themselves. Someone might have a better explanation than this but it’s basically that.

Autohitting is when a player’s character attacks another player’s character, and lands a hit before the other player’s character can react to the attack. So, to avoid this, attacks have to be left open-ended.
For example, instead of “Joe Decapitated Bob with an Axe”, it would be “Joe Swung at Bob’s head with an Axe.” Then, the player who controls Bob can decide whether they want Joe’s attack to land or not.

Autodidging is pretty much the same, but with dodging instead.

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Well. Seeing as no one signed up, looks like I’ll have to close it. :pensive: