The Giant claw

"As Big as a battleship"

So who remembers the monstrosity that was "the Giant claw"?

EDIT: HEre's the trailer

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No, I meant giant monster movie about a giant, ugly bird thing the size of a battleship...

have I gotten closer?

In all seriousness, I have no idea what it is
i probably will never know


It was an old film, made somewhere during the black and white era. I'm on mobile so I can't really post images...

mkay, I might search it up, to learn knowlage

I'm in agreement with the potato.

The clawwwwwww

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Maybe he's talking about Roodaka's Catcher Claw.


@pot8o @ToaVuhii @Ekorak

Found the trailer...Oh gosh it's horrible

I was pretty close with that one birdemic video



Wasn't it the movie about the antimatter bird?

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Dear goodness.........

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anyone else wanna comment on the horror that is....

The Giant Claw!?

Nah. I don't think it needs more. It's just a claw that happens to be giant.

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No I mean the giant antimatter bird as big as a battle ship. Go see the trailer...

Given the basic premise, (huge bird terrorizes mankind) this could, if taken seriously, make for a rather nice film.

Replace the bird-thing with something more terrifying,
Make the scale of the monster consistent,
Toss in some decent acting,
Boost the effects,
Lose the stock footage,
Give it to Guillermo del Toro and Legendary,
And for the love of Pete give it a better name!

And out might come something good.

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Well it's basicly more or less the size of Minya from the original godzilla series so....

Also I doubt anyone would be interested in remaking it. Unless they were desperate

This freak is as big as a battleship!?!

Since when?
Godzilla isn't even as big as one, and he's, like, 500 feet long.

NVM I got my sizes wrong...or something.

Though I guess I couldn't imagine the giant claw going up with Godzilla...or any other TOHO monsters either...

Here's a good comparison.

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