The girl with the purple hair

A rair Syren female born with purple hair, Raina has always lived on her own, for her people believe purple hair to be a sign of evil. She lost her arm in a fight with a mountain lion, so she made a new one out of bloodwood–a very rare wood able to pick up and transmit the signals from nerve endings, allowing her to use it like a real arm. She wants to live normally, but her people believe she will eventually turn evil and have shunned her.

Post any comments/criticisms/complaints/cobras below.


I think the legs look a little stubby, and the open balljoints on the chest don’t look that great, neither does the Mata red as a whole.

I quite like the backstory though.


I agree. Fix!

Eh, I like them. They fit well with the flow of the shoulders, and are sorta reminiscent of Movie Dume’s cloak.

I hope this fixes things. I made the arm exclusively red and black, to hopefully contrast better with the rest of her.


I thought this was a Moc of @Prpldragon


i did too when i saw the title XD


Who did not?

Anyways, this is a decent Moc.

Second version looks nice!

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The moc is amazing but the story is really simplemind and kinda ridiculous. The use of the quaza core is great.

pretty cool MOC, but I must say, that is one edgy backstory :stuck_out_tongue:

*slowly raises hand *

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