The Glitch Mob

I just recently started listening to their music, and I must say, Love Death Immortality is my second favorite electronic music album of all time. (Next to Alive 2007 by Daft Punk)

My favorite songs are a tie between Skytoucher:

And Can't Kill Us:

I know @BioRaiders532 is also a fan, but who else is?


Never heard of 'em, but I kinda dig it.

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gosh diggity dang I had a draft for this topic last night.

Beat me to it gosh dang it.

But this group is amazing and make great mooziks


uh, that's Daft Punk.

Daft punk makes sorta similar music but they're very different.

Anyway, my favorite from Love Death Immortality is probably Carry the Sun or Can't Kill Us.

From Drink the Sea, it's between Animus Vox, A Dream Within a Dream, and We Swarm.

That snare usage tho


The only thing I've heard from The Glitch Mob is their remixed version of Derezzed.

I've been in love with this song for quite a while.

Hm. Well I can't really decide...all their music is good..

Okay, I'm gonna post my favorites now that I can actually do that:

Carry the Sun

Dream Within a Dream

We Swarm

Animus Vox

I didn't include Can't Kill Us because Vuheee already posted it. =P

My favourite I've found is probably this one from 00:50 onwards;

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On my FRC team 4418, there's this senior who uses spotify to play songs for all of us and among the Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, and other miscellaneous bands, he plays Glitch Mob. I can tell you, its good music for when you're drilling and hammering, and screwing metal plates together

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Animus Vox is simply the best, the rest of the album's alright save a few other songs but the first track, dang


Love glitch mob. My favorites are fortune days and we can make the world stop.

I still have yet to listen to love, death immortality

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I love them! I don't listen to a lot of electronic, but they are amazing.