The Great Barrier

According to BS01: “The barrier has many cliffs along its face, and a large door that connects Mangaia, Teridax’s lair, to a ledge in the barrier that looks out over Metru Nui’s Silver Sea. There are also several Sea Gates in the wall of the Great Barrier which, along with many underwater Chutes, go through the base of the barrier, leading to other islands.”

How far from the shores of Metru Nui was the Great Barrier located? (distances in miles, kilometers, kio or mio if you can, please) Where were the sea gates in relation to the island (north-south-east-west), and how many were there? In addition, where was the ledge/opening to the Mangaia located? (north-south-east-west, and how high up)


Don’t have this information. If I didn’t need stuff for story, I didn’t bother to come up with it.