The Great Dragon of Spherus Magna

What do you guys think about my latest moc that i have been working on?

Pictures can be found at my Imgur Account:
Couldn't post any pictures frowning

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Your images aren't publically available.
I suggest making them public, so we can critique them.


What @pot8o said.

Thank you so much smile

Lets try again


Do you have any close-up pictures of the MOC? An overview photo like this is definitely needed, but it does make it a bit difficult to see the MOC in detail.
From what I can see here, I like the wings, and the head seems cool.
I think the silver could be better distributed; the wings are all silver, the back is all silver, but the body and "shoulders" are all black.
Does it have wheels?

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Here are a few more up close, but they are a little bit wrong XD

Thank you for the feedback.


Well now, this is pretty creative. I can almost see it as actually alive. The wings seem a little thin, and I couldn't see its eyes at first, I had to look again.
Other than that though, it looks pretty good. Or is it evil? Is this dragon evil or good?

Glad you ask, here is some interinsting back story i came up with when i created the dragon:

A long time had past sense the great spirit Mata Nui defeated Makuta Teridax in battle that lead too a new home for all spices in the Bionicle Universe. The Toa, Matoran and Glatorian had now started to hunt down rahi beasts in the areas they lived in. They did this because they considered them as a threat and were considered as dengerous. They dident respected them. The rahi was about to be extinguished from the planet until this unique dragon like rahi shows up from nowere. The uniqe thing about this rahi was that he was very intelligent and powerfull, witch made the other rahi follow him like a dog. He was so intellegent that he had even learned to speak matoran. The dragon started a rebellion against all inhabitants on the planet that was not a rahi beast. He became the leader of all rahi and eventuelly becomes an powerhungry dictator at the very end.

I took a lot of inspiration from the movie "Planet of the Apes"

Interesting storyline to go with a great MOC

All I keep thinking about when look at this is images of this dragon in a to-the-death brawl against my own dragon MOC. It would be glorious. Anyways, love the design. Really gives me a Smaug vibe.