The Great Fly - Nui Rama Revamp

"Nui-Rama, buzzflying Rahi! Hundred-eye, allseeing, fright and fury! Makuta-Madness makes even worse! Wings mash, pincers grab! No chance for Matoran alone, only Toa bold enough to stand against it, yet cunning Rama sneak-swoop-smash and fly out of reach!"
— Tamaru, Mata Nui Online Game

With the new 2015 sets only days from being out (or already in some of our homes, like mine wink), I've been wanting to work on a project I've thought of doing for awhile now. Images link to larger ones on Brickshelf. smile Please Upvote and Comment if you like it! Also, I'd love to see Ven do a MOC Spotlight of it. wink




Top Angle

Top (No Stand)

Bottom (No Stand)

New and Old Comparison

Nui Rama vs. Lewa!

The Battle Continues!

The Great Fly Vs. The Master of Jungle!

The Tarakava, Nui Jaga, and Manas Revamps are all in the works as of this topic's posting. You'll be seeing them soon!


That is pretty awesome. Will your Tarakava be able to punch like the original set?

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that is, a great fly.

The pictures won't load for me ;-;

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This is a great revamp. But i've always thought the nui ramas looked closer too wasps and bees than flies

Awesome remake.

Nui Rama does indeed translate to Great Wasp.

Regardless, excellent revamp.

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According to BS01, it translates to Great Fly.

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Could've sworn something translated to Great Wasp...oh, that was Nui Kopen, my mistake.

Yeah, you're on the money.


Much better than the original, great job overall. I have no complaints about this MOC at all.

That is a really good MoC, let alone a revamp.

I've actually already completed the Tarakava Revamp. It still has arms, but the rubberband function is no longer there. My main goal with these models is to show what they'd look like if they were aesthetically better in design.


Sooo... focusing more on form than function. Honestly, looking at pictures of the original rahi sets, that's probably for the better, even if the Tarakava function was pretty cool. I very much look forward to seeing the revamp.

The Tarakava is probably the most bizarre of all the revamps, it's the one that differs most. I plan on posting them all throughout the this next month.

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