The Great Huna has a hidden Kanohi Vahi on it?

so with all the talk about these newfangled masks I thought that I should reminisce on he old ones.
when i was looking at the cover of time trap and i noticed some thing....

If you look carefully at the bottom of the Huna you can see a slight resemblance to the Kanohi Vahi

The mask of time that Vakama makes.

So what do you guys think? Maby I'm going insane, which is highly likely, or maby I'm on to something.


It's quite literally turn mouthpiece to activate TimeClock powers. Wow... o.O


I believe this was done on purpose.


Yeah, I've kinda noticed this before, but forgotten until now. Good observation! Very nice touch on the designer's part if it was intentional.


Hmmmm... I have not noticed this before. Makes sense from a story perspective, but I doubt the set-designers would have been so involved. Now I'll never be able to unsee it. Maybe Vakama was just super vain and designed the Vahi to look kind of like his own mask. Who knows? This all happened 10 years ago... and I still love it.


Wait, Metru Nui was a decade ago?!

I feel old now...


We all know that feel.


Guess you needed a Vahi to slow time down. stuck_out_tongue


Yeah I have noticed that before, I believe it was intentional but we cannot be sure. Great observation!

Noticed it before. There's no possible reason for it not to be similar other than Vakama's forging of the Vahi.

maybe the eleven Hunas I have are really all the same from different times


Didn't Vakama Create he mask of Time?

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Ten years...
Im old.

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Yep! He forged it with the Great Disks themselves!

yea he did cause he was busy about where would Toa Lhikan be

revives topic

Hm...anyone think they'd actually make a completed Vahi design similar to the great huna?

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Interesting. Maybe he took inspiration for the vahi from his own mask, or maybe he custom made it so he could ware it over his huna? I always wondered how he did that in the movie.

I actually have a theory just like that which i will link right here