The Great Mask of Aluminum Foil!

Pfff, I dunno what you're talking about.

Everyone knows that the world stopped being color when photographs were invented, and then became color again in like...the 1800s, or something.


Whether or not it was in color, that picture would date it back to that timeframe, so, depending on how well he's taken care of it, I don't believe he has a very big gun anymore.

Honestly that thing is pretty impractical. The knock back would have him going backwards on the track almost instantly, by the looks of it.

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Well, @Marendex_T17 kinda seems a bit busy at the moment, so let's continue talking about your sword.

  • How do you clean it?
  • What type of material is it made from?
  • What is the design based off of?
  • Is it a double edged?
  • Did you have it when you were a Matoran?

@Kretta & @Nyran

That's the big idea, you kill everyone you hate and get the Karzahni out of Dodge at the same time.

That "picture" is Time-Lord art, a moment of time frozen forever, until I see fit to reanimate it.

And I've moved from guns anyway. Now I have a mech.

Well then, you don't mind if I use my mask to turn you're mech into alumunim, do you?

Funnily enough, I actually would mind.

Really? It'll make you nice and shiny smile smiley

But it would also decrease the structural-integrity.

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And that is bad, why?

What in the name of Spiral is going on here...

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Oh hello Crimson Crusader...

What do you mean by what's going on here?

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