the great skrall invasion a year 4 twist (if there is year 4)

so lordvaldek671 again with a worldbuilding pitch about a backstory well, story for year 4 in the the idea of backstory years of sets so it’s an event a few years before the Khanoi era began so here it is: long ago when the major matoran governments were newly founded though in the farthest region of Bara Magna there were nomad tribes called the Skrall. now the Skrall were constantly at war with each other though that changed because of one person Tuma. so it all started when a son was born to Sidorak the leader of the Atakus tribe he named the child Tuma. so Tuma grew up a strong and ruthless fighter(he was given training fit for glatorian) as well as a cunning and brilliant tactician. he acended to the throne at age 18 then at the gathering of chieftains 1 year later he won the other chieftains’ favor and was hailed the okto nui or “ruler of all” he then set out to improve the lives of his people he trained a well disciplined and ruthless army and began a massive conquest that earned he was later known as “Tuma the conqueror” and he was feared by the Matoran who desperately fought to hold his armies back. the skrall war lasted 9 years until they were defeated at the battle of Tesera Gulch were Tuma was beheaded by Toa Krakua. the remaining skrall fled to Bara Magna and have not shown themselves much since.

I think it was agreed canon that hybrids don’t exist and we have Avatar: Legend of Korra Rules where the children have a 50% chance of either elemental alignment.

The Toa have Avatar rules, when one avatar gives up the role or dies, the elemental spirit of that Toa may choose a new avatar when they so choose but can only have one.

This seems random and kinda fanfictiony, not in the good way.

Also, a couple of last things and these are a bit of a nitpick from me but I’m sure I’m not the only one, you seem not to have much insight to what has been done already for G3, so I’m linking the G3 playlist and I encourage you to watch them all. Secondly, perhaps invest in some punctuation.

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No, no it is not 50% unless they are exactly in the middle distance between both regions.

Think of it this way, when Matoran are born, the Gods go on a mad race to grant the baby their elemental affinity. However, only the Elemental Gods that granted the affinity to the parent know when the baby is born. So both compete if the parents are from a different region. The baby is closer to one region so the God of that region can get faster to the baby. Hence, when babies are born they are born with the affinity of the closest region from a parent.

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Ok I see what you mean but that’s kinda dumb, what you’re saying is that geographical location defines the child’s alignment? I get it but would the gods seriously do a task this mundane?

I’m not exactly sure, and the 50% rule is logical and can exist outside the gods, which I think should be a thing considering how little the Matoran in the present know or respect the gods. 50% just seems logical and easy to understand.

I was giving an example. I do not think they actually go around granting powers. It is more like their influence from their region, and the genetic predisposition of the parent. The closer you are to a region the more it will influence the baby.

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Let’s say a 10% leeway?

Later they agreed on it being that way. Or at least there were no complaints. First time General Questions appeared o the podcast.

This conversation came up quite a while ago, on a different post. Here was Var’s answer to it.

"Affinity to elemental powers is directly tied to the region you belong to as the elements are the embodiment of the connection between individuals and their respective elemental god.

For instance, a Mangain civilian will have a stronger control of fire if he is in the region of Mangai, as that is where the element thrives. However if he leaves the region, his connection to Ikir lessons, and so does his control over his fire powers. The farther away he travels from Mangai, the less power he will have.

With this in mind, you can have mixed elemental babies in our world. However, the element that they will have control over will depend on which region they are in when they are conceived.

If a Mangain and a Nahoin have a child, and that child is made in the region of Naho, then that offspring will be able to control water. If the two parents decide they want to live together as a family unit, then the Mangain could choose to live with his Nahoin family in Naho at the cost of a reduction in his elemental powers.

Being born with more than one element is not possible."

Personally I’m always gonna find this a bit dumb, I get where it comes from and I get why the cast set it up like that.

I guess it’s just an issue that in my opinion the region should not be the power source or the decider of the child’s alignment. If it’s already canon, there’s not much I can do and I doubt var will see this.

You know now that you’ve said that, he will wind up seeing this, right?

Given how little G3 pitch coverage was prior to the restructuring, I don’t know if the cast would read through all of the replies to the topics. Perhaps once they have their new format they will but I can’t be sure.

I doubt but I’m uncertain. Here’s to hoping.

I don’t think the Toa are supposed to be killing machines at all though? I don’t even think we even have plans for any of the Toa to be killing anyone.

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Wow ok so there’s a lot to break down here, first of all I agree with @fangface1 the Toa are not killing machines and wow how did you ever get to that conclusion?

I feel like you’re going to the extremes, killing, kissing in battle? Now what the fandom (paparazzi is photography dude) think as a whole doesn’t matter as long as concise rules are established. The aria have human like personalities and etiquette and as far as canon goes they do not kill anyone.