The great spirit of Christmas

The spirit of fire just got a-lot jollier!


This is absolutely brilliant, the chubby look is pulled of well enough that it is visually appealing, and the color distribution does a nice job capturing the appearance of Santa himself.

why thank you! :smile:

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Nice job on Santa Tahu!

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looks really nice! reminds me of leadfoot tho


This is neat! Santahu must give out flaming coal to bad kids...

The presents are a nice touch...

Really do enjoy the nature of the MOC, and the accessories are a nice touch too.
This just needs the hat and beard and it'd be perfect.

This is great! I love the chubby look to him!

It's Tahohoho!

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Now you should make the great spirit of Hanukkah.

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I like it.
A bit odd, but you got the look you were going for quite well.

thank you all very much :slight_smile: it means a-lot. I'm glad it least one of my builds was very well received! i build this about a month ago and was going to actually give him a beard but
there was no way to do that without cheating with the parts.

I really like the use of the Frost Beast addons as a fur coat.
As far as CC goes, I'd fix the back of the forearms a bit.
Nice job! :smiley:

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"I... can feel... the SPIRIT!"

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Cool. So is the spirit of fire now the spirit of fireplaces? :stuck_out_tongue:

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the spirit consumes all!

This is great! Reminds meow a MOC I recently made.

I... Can feel... THE CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Make me stop for just 60.00$/year

Cool dude. Very Santa.

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when i read the title, i imagined something like this:

anyway, i like the model

though it also makes me laugh because of the Tahu mask. The mental image is just to funny.