The Great Spirit Walks

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Wrapped in tattered rags, a lone figure gleams over the sandy horizon of Bara Magna. After eons of sleep, a once Great Spirit finally walks again with confusion in his eyes and fear in his heart…


After all the amazing 810nicle Day celebrations, I’ve been on a major nostalgia trip for the good old days. I was scrolling through Bionicle art online and just felt inspired to try my hand at something.

Consider this my late, but heartfelt, contribution to Bionicle’s 20th anniversary! It continues to inspire me even to this day.

Oh, just as a side note: I find listening to Bye Bye Babylon a good companion to viewing this piece. It certainly was while making it.

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Very cool. I really like the art style you used on this.


I love the emotion in the widened eyes


Those big round eyes make for very cool biceps for the GSR on the Ignika.
But a very nice art, would be even greater if it was full height, with legs. Colors are just ideal.


Superb picture! I also like the flavor text.

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Nice job!

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Beautiful and nostalgic. I really enjoyed the movie and this captures those feelings you get watching the beginning for the first time

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The hood actually works very well, fits the whole exile/wander aspect of Mata-nui on Bara Magna.