The grocery store heroes! Potao and Beef!

I tried.
I'm so sorry.

Potao in action!
It's not as bulky as the original Ignis, I wanted to slim it down, the waist is very articulated, but rather loose...much to my sad, broken heart. I lacked a Good Guy set, So I used my yellow hau instead. :C
His primary weapon has 3 functions, a Blaster (As seen), an Axe and the Knuckle/Hammer pair. It was my substitute for a keyblade. The weapon to the right is a simple blade and has no multi-functionality or gimmick. Potao's eyes light up, he has a jetpack with fire in it :C.

Beef? Is that you? I think when Mata Nui was giving toa stones, they fell short of one for you.
They also fell short of mocing skills.
I need to work on those legs, I used to have a GREAT leg design for this, that then was destroyed...I regret that :C. The weapon could have been better, and the sheer amount of pins...

More terribad pictures here:

The backdrop is a combination of FANTASTIC Ikea lights, a Heater, 2 singlets and plenty of toilet paper rolls.


@BeefJStag and @pot8o look amazing.


They defend the grocery stores. Any who try to shoplift potatoes or cows will meet their steely blades.


Don't remind me...


Coming to a grocery store near you.


These are fantabulous. Their prowess rivals that of good guy '06.

Seriously though, they aren't terribad. In fact if you bulked yourself up you'd look pretty great. Perhaps a few more armor bits(and/or days at the gym) and you'll be all set.

As for potato, I can tell you used a custom torso, but I can barely see it with the picture.


Good guy is a scrub.

The Custom Torso should be visible in the imgr photos, but it might have failed to upload, as some photos did :C.

These guys look great