The Grump Who Stole Christmas

This is the finale (Probably) of my Xmas Abominations to show you all.

So WowNow pictures is known for their vile creations but this one takes the cake, IMO. 2021-12-20T00:00:00Z


Don’t you mean the Grinch?

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Probably but they couldnt get the rights

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This looks like another certified Heyzorks™ bad movie

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The first one that’s worse than the poster lets on!

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…Why must you unleash these upon us?

I’ve learned not to ask

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zork zork zork…

I only have one question for you.


more specifically why couldn’t all these topics have been one topic that you update


Good idea, or should i say…
Ghid idea?

I’m starting to think that you have shares in these movies Zork lol

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