The Hands of Teridax (WIP)

Lately I’ve been attempting a redesign of Makuta Teridax from g1. I drew a peice of concept art that you can find in my “doodle depository” in the artwork section of creative content. Based on that artwork, I have thus far created a pair of arms for a Teridax revamp. (I’ve also made a pair of feet, but they’re simple and not worth showing yet.)

All criticism is welcome! I’d much rather have it now than after I’m finished with the MOC. Thanks!


Unfortunately, I don’t own a Kraakahn, or I’d put it on him.


neat. but you should see if you can build it so he can bend his hand.

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It’ll be difficult, but I’ll see what I can do.

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I like the use of system.

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It how from thick to thin then back to thick. Not really go that should look

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UPDATE ^^^^^

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Dang this looks good. Definitely would look better with the kraakahn


I agree. It’s really too bad I don’t own one lol

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He’s really missing the bulk of the original, the arms are about right, but otherwise he’s oddly svelte.

Actually, that was intended. This isn’t necessarily a revamp, or I’d have put more effort into detailing than shaping. This is more of a reimagining of Teridax. I’ve always felt that the bulky, stocky look severely contrasts Teridax’s conniving, scheming, seemingly all knowing character. I think a taller, more lanky silhouette fits better with him.

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Maybe to give it hand articulation try using balljoints at the wrists

Then I’d have to completely change the build of the hands. I have thought about mixel joints though. I just don’t have any atm

Instead of a red bushing, try a ball joint and modify the hands

I like the way the hands are. I don’t want them to be much bigger, which is what they’ll get if I use a ball joint. Either that or I do the stereotypical custom hand, which I was trying to avoid.

Could modify it slightly and use this

Then this or something similar

I get where you’re coming from, but the proportions would be weird if I did that.

True. I feel like mixel joints could work though

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Yeah, definitely. I’ve already got it laid out, I just need the parts.

That contrast is something I really like about Teri, the change may be more “fitting” but it ends up being far more, expected, generic, by the number, you get me?

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