The Headless Horseman


“It’ll take more than a pumpkin Pakari to protect you from the Headless Horseman.”

More photos to come in the next week when weather improves. Check Flickr for update: The Headless Horseman | "It'll take more than a pumpkin Paka… | Flickr


this is some dank stuff mate, hope this wins

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Hope it wins what?

it has a very sinister look to it, i like it

it’s the most recent reddit moc contest iirc


Or it could be for Brickly’s October MOC contest.

Very cool MOC!


this is absolutely fantastic. I would love to see more pictures.

that too

Looks like he has a head to me

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A constraction horse that looks good? Very well done!

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Cries because I’ll never be that good
This is awesome man, some excellent parts usage here.

But… it has a head. I’m very disappointed. /s
The horse is radical, and the rider is pretty good, too. The shaping is divine on both.

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2 Spoopy

Excellent use of the white Mahri visors as hooves!