The Headless Horseman

The evil spirit seeking for a new head every Halloween. Based on Washington Irving’s “The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow”, with inspiration from Disney’s 1949 animated movie “The Advetures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of parts and the size of the MOC, I wasn’t able to make a horse. Constructive criticism is deeply appreciated.


I grew up loving the headless horseman so this is really cool to me. The use of knights kingdom armor looks great and I will always love capes or cloth components. In saying that how was that cape obtained? My criticism would be that the legs are a little too short and the waist area can be too thin and slightly open.

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The cape is also from Knight’s Kingdom.

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It’s from King Mathias from the first wave. Thank you.

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As has already been said, the waist is a bit small, a couple of pieces on the side and back to make him look more solid and he’d be 10/10.

Until then 9/10 nice head.


Awesome!!! The horse would be sick though