The Hellion

A small MOC made to celebrate Halloween this year.

Backstory/Details: The Hellion is a Demonic slave that managed to escape the clutches of Hades. The flames and environment of his place of capture, have greatly affected his overall appearance. Most of his body is burned to a crisp and blackened, like hardened armor. While there's still dark red portions of muscle all over it. Equally, there are bones which pierce their way out of his internal body, which act as spikes. The Hellion's eyes are also completely solidified, making it a blind creature. It is assumed that the Hellion comes out every Halloween to scare away kids who cause mischief to the holiday's spirit.

I had a rather fun time making this, and I'm glad I could make something for Halloween. I hope you guys enjoy it too!

And here's some inside pics, for those who want to see it better:

I apologize for the quality, had to use artificial light.

Comments and such are appreciated!


Initial reaction: Wow that thing in the dark looks legit menacing
Second reaction: Daaaawwww look at the little demon


I like it

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Love it! The proportions and the colour scheme are really cool.
And those eyes are creepy as hell!

with what you did to get those eyes you committed a mocist sin

but anyways, moc is nice, pulls off the demonic look well

Really looks spooky, especially those featureless white eyes.

One. Those eyes+darkness= :frowning:(3spooky5me)
Two. I love the colors! They really work with the aesthetic of the MOC.
Three. Are those backwards Mixel eyes?!? I might actually have to use that method!

I figured someone would think this :laughing:

Thank you!

Thanks man!

Thanks MFS.
Those eyes are a sin, but it had to be done...

Thanks Stoax!

Thank you for the comment!

Those eyes ARE Mixel Eyes... but uh, let's just say some evil guy removed the print off of them...


Wow, just wow! XD

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Ventum is Hades confirmed


It's a Chibi Crimson with wings. I love it! :smile:

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It's a pretty cool. I like how you did the color scheme.


It is so cute and intimidating at the same time.
Great work.

Considered me spooked...

I like the use of the Antroz wings. It pulls off the hellish look very well. Nice Work.