The help make my moc topic

in this topic you help make the decisions to my mocs (side notes this is in the games n such category because YOU the viewer/reader makes the decisions also mods if this is unacceptable sorry bout this topic)
##first question
red/orange as the base color or green/blue

green/blue, though it depends on what you want to make

its probably going to replace my old selfmoc

I say Green/Blue as well, if it matters…

blue green wins by 200%
new question
humanoid or spiderlike

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Humanoid, with a spider like aesthetic…

so fangs? or webs?

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I dunno, something like this…

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looks awesome

I didn’t make it, but it kinda captures the look I was thinking of…

i will start mocing tomorrow i will also decide then


I had a similar idea to this a while ago.
Though my idea was to use ldd and have everyone build it simultaneously.

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