The HELP ME topic

Please be serious, guys (and gals). This topic is for asking the opinions of other Message-Board-Goers.

For example, Lego LOTR and the Hobbit are $5 each on Steam. Should I buy one? I like both themes, but I have almost no free time, so I really wouldn’t have much time to play them. Also, I recently got Skyrim, and I want to play that more too. What should I do? Or which one should I get?

And also, over the past month, I have scoured the toy-selling stores near me in search of Tunneler Beast, but I cannot find it anywhere! Should I just order it, or hold out hope to find it somewhere?


I need help. Does anybody have any spare change!? (Seriousness is doubled)


What stores have you searched? I highly reccomend you try a LEGO Brand store if it’s in reasonable range or an independent toy store. Or you could jest get it on Amazon…

If you have the cash, get both. 5$ is a steal. Plus, you may have some spare time in the future to play them. :smiley:

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Anyone can help me with my quest to catch them all…


LotR first. That’s all I say. You can play it during your break or something.


forget catching them. I just want to be the very best, like no one ever was


Personally I’d get the Hobbit first because Bilbo came before Frodo then after get LotR. I guess you could even out your time playing with both the Hobbit and LotR with Skyrim.

How many peeps here are experienced with System, and if so could I see your proof of being experienced?

I’ve been getting into the core of the LEGO building System and was wondering if anyone could give some ideas.

People I already know of: @ENDfilms and @legomaster1378.

Also, I’ve been fusing it with Technic, with which I’m pretty skilled due to a natural affinity for working liftarms and such. If anyone needs some ideas, I’ll help out, although if it’s something insane there’s a good chance I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


A tip I have for ideas is think of uses for parts and techniques you have and come up with and see if you can turn those ideas into a whole model. That is a tip for mocing in general. That’s how I do it most of the time at least.

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Look up White Wolf MK II on MP. Best system I’ve done in recent years.

Maybe someday I’ll break out pictures of what I built in MBA…

I haven’t played the Hobbit, but LotR is pretty fun. However if you don’t have the time to play either of them, I’d save that money for Bionicle 2015. :wink:

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If you are enjoying Skyrim the Skyrim storyline and extra missions can take forever, easily giving enough gaming time. If you had to buy either LOTR or The Hobbit, personally I’d suggest LOTR (Given there will likely be a ‘Hobbit Bundle’ after the DLC containing the third film’s content is released)

Personally I got him on Amazon, he was cheaper on there by around £3. Not much of a saving but its probably best looking for him online as I know a lot of HF fans were buying a lot of him in the past.


Supposedly, you will be able to obtain all 719 (plus maybe Volc and Hoopa) if you have X, Y, OR, and AS. At least, that’s what I heard.

That’ll be laaaaaaaaaaaame…
Like Pokemon is easy enough as is but if they include some minigame or a safari-style area where you can catch anything: I’m done.

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but rise

don’t you LOOOOVE the Friend Safari?


Yeah, that was the jist of my reaction when I heard.

But I digress.

@Helryx08 Personally, I disliked LOTR. It didn’t feel like a TT Lego game should. Never played Hobbit, but a friend of mine has it, and he hates it. Regardless, 5 dollars is still quite a steal, even for a game you might not like.

I’d order it, were I you. Might even get it for a lower price.


Hey, as a guy isolated from the rest of the fandom, I’m glad to finally have a chance to complete da’ Dex. You know, is there a Pokemon topic? Hmmm…

I am so torn… should I spend $15 on this?

I would really only be getting it for Lloyd, but… argh.

Seeing as that version of Lloyd is completely exclusive, I’d say go for it.

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Enough said. That Lloyd is amazing, and I have a feeling that it’s going to make an appearance in the TV show.
The only problem I see is that LEGO doesn’t bother making Lloyd a Green 1999-style Ninja hood.

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