The Heroes of Tau 16

From 2011 until 2014 or so, I was super big into Hero Factory, even before I knew what a Bionicle was. Last year, I started getting that itch so now I’m making HF mocs again. Let’s start off with the new team, Tau 16.

Nathan Cane

Cane is the leader of Tau 16 and has been after being appointed by the now-retired former captain, Hopper. Despite how nerve-racking he finds all the work and the pressure that comes with being the leader, Cane nevertheless strives for Tau to succeed and will do anything to make that happen.

When the Breakout first began and it was seemingly mandated that all Heroes equip some kind of launcher, Cane objected; he always felt wrong using a gun and it didn’t sit right for him to have to use one. After some negotiation with HF engineers, Cane’s gun was rebuilt into a semi-autonomous shark-like drone named GC, which displays the personality of an excitable but obedient puppy.

Oh, and one more thing...

Cane is my self-MOC.

Nia Vonn

After the Breakout began, Vonn was designed specifically to catch villains suspected of hiding in colder climates. As such, her armor and joints are designed to be more resistant to freezing together or rust. Personality-wise, she’s something of a mixed bag. Fitting for her assignment, she can be incredibly blunt and cold to just about anyone, including her leader, never being one to mince words. That said, her brutal honesty goes both ways; she’ll never hesitate to point out anything you did wrong, but will always recognize the potential that’s there.

Ethan Azalea

While Vonn took to the frozen tundra, Azalea took to the exotic jungle. His personality, like his environment, couldn’t possibly be more different from hers, being the resident jokester and celebrity of the team. When not on missions, Azalea can usually be found patrolling the streets and chatting with civilians for fun. While Vonn believes such a thing makes him look somewhat unprofessional, he argues that personally getting to know the people will increase public confidence in Tau 16 and potentially the Hero Factory as a whole.

Like Cane, Azalea had his Breakout-era gun into a semi-autonomous drone, named Jamboree, which apparently inspired by the Fikou spider from an ancient, far-off land, one he’d very much like to find the opportunity to visit some day.

Yoshi Aoyama

Born shortly after the Brain Attack fiasco, Aoyama is the newest recruit to the team. She has a timid streak and tries to avoid confrontation whenever possible, but whenever confrontation becomes impossible to avoid, she makes up for her lack of self-confidence with her combat and capture skills. In her, Cane sees a little bit of himself, and aspires to help her come out of her shell (and maybe help himself come out of his).

Aslan Hopper

Once upon a time, Hopper was the stalwart leader of Tau 16. He was incredibly strict in his command, but those in the team bore no grudge against him; for whenever heroes were needed, Hopper was there leading the charge. He would never ask his men to do anything he wouldn’t do himself.

Hopper stepped down from active duty about five years ago, relegating himself to supervising new recruits and making sure everybody’s up to snuff. Although he’s content with this quieter life for the time being, he knows the peace won’t last. And when duty calls, he won’t hesitate to answer.