The Heyzorks Youtube Channel

Hey! i’m a master now, so take some time out of your day and maybe subscribe to heyzorks. What? That didn’t sway you? Well, i have a trick up my sleeve…

If THIS atrocious thing doesn’t get you to subscribe, you are sane i don’t know what will.

Yeah, don’t expect super amazing quality stuff, i’m still learning how to youtube. If you subscribe, you are a member of Zork Co.


And it worked. I want to subscribe now!

But I don’t have a YouTube account and will never get one because I’m mad at them for having removed the dislike button!


Um…There’s still a dislike button here.

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Indeed! But it doesn’t show the amount of dislikes a video has, rendering it useless


excuse me but I do not fulfill this requirement

just joking. Maybe i’ll check out your channel

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Well you know I’m already subscibed :stuck_out_tongue:


Which is why you were invited to zork co.

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Eyyyyyyyyyyy a new video’s up