The hierarchy of the Mangaian Army (Pitch) (Wolrdbuilding)

So here is my ideas about the Mangaian Army - The Mangaian Guards.First, I want to say I am just at podcast 243. Second I want to @Bokarda.
So this is the hierarchy in the Guards:
The Captain: The supreme leader of the army. His only superior is the king. The Captain have yellow armor and after he died, or he left the army, the strongest general became the new Captain. In present, Jaller is the Captain of the army.
Generals: The second in command, they are the most skilled soldiers from the army. They serve the army and train the soldiers, together with the starters. In present, the only general is Sarda. Jaller wanted Narmoto to be one of his generals too, but eventually his brother became a Toa so… After Jaller die, Sarda may be the next Captain.
Elite Guards: They are the most skilled soldiers after the generals. They are pretty rare too. Only once per year, every soldier from Mangai come to show to Jaller their skills.The two most skilled ones will automatically became Elite Guards, who have more dark red armor. They protect the important Mangaians, such as Jaller, Sarda and Vakama (the actual king).
Soldiers: The basic ones. Every Matoran who wants to became a soldier can joy the army. They are trained by the generals. Their left arm is yellow. They are separated in groups of two who go from a place to another to protect other Matorans. The only two who stay always at Jaller’s castle are Furno and Kapura, who formed an relationship.

Youcan find some paints with the characters in this topic:

I will also update this topic with an LDD model.


I think you have Captain and General mixed up, but I like this structure :slight_smile:.


Mixed up? What do you mean?

Usually the General is the highest up the chain of command, with Captains coming later.


Ah… Oh… Eh…