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Madison was the shortest (5'4").
Buchanan was pretty tall (6'0"), and Andrew Johnson was not short (5'10").

Possibly, you got your Jameses mixed up. stuck_out_tongue


No no no, Magneto was trying to save JFK, but he wasn't able to curve the bullet enough to stop it.


Did you know that Napoleon (not Dynamite, the other one) wasn't actually that short? He was actually taller than average at the time (around 5'7")

Well now you know. And knowing is half the battle. (G.I. Joe!)


I knew. Gotta try harder to impress the Doctor. XD


Alright then. Ahem. * Cracks knuckles* Stretches neck * * Darkens room

Allow me to tell you a thing.

The longest war ever was between the Netherlands, and the Isle of Sicily, it lasted from 1651, to 1986, and there were 0 casualties.

The shortest war ever was only 38 minutes long.

Napoleon (The tall one, not the stupid one) was once attacked by rabbits while hunting.

Pirates were hired to rescue Napoleon from his prison on St. Helena.

General Antonio López de Santa Anna (President of Mexico) buried his amputated leg, with a full military rite.

The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

Is your mind moderately satisfied Mr. Doctor?


Sigh, Yes, I did.

To be fair, on my President paper, there appears to be an arrow on shortest President pointing to Buchanan.

Did you know that there is a statue dedicated to Benedict Arnold that only shows his lower leg?

This battle was fought between Zanzibar and some country, and Zanzibar surrendered.


That's what he claimed. I personally interpreted that scene as Magneto trying to be manipulative knowing that Xavier's power was weakened.
(I maintain that this is tangentially relevant to history.)


Don't think I heard about this one. I bet it was something along these lines: they were allied to nations on opposing sides of a war, but ended up not engaging, and thus when the war ended it was forgotten that they were technically still at war. Kind of like how Andorra was technically at war with Germany for years after WWII ended because no one remembered to include them in any peace treaties.

@Willess12 ninja'd me, but I knew about this.

Hadn't heard this one. Lol.

Didn't know this, but it makes so much sense.

Pretty sure I'd heard this.

Knew this.

Moderately. :wink:


I don't have a favorite part in history, I'm hoping we're getting closer to world peace and hopefully not have to unite under the circumstance of extinction from an entirely new race of being.

I love History.

I am currently studying Medieval History in school. We have been talking about Charlemagne and the Frankish Empire, and now we are starting The Song of Roland.


Not a big history guy myself, but I can understand why it's important.

I do play Civ V though which has occasionally inspired me to look up random facts.


Civ is to history what Farmville is to actual agriculture

(I concede that that's a bit of an exaggeration)


Because History Channel is obviously the most correct source out there.

I understand your sarcasm, trust me. Ancient Aliens just ticks me off, though.


Georgei Tsoukalous (sp?) is far and away the single most accurate scientificalificist on the face of this (or any) planet.


Indeed, don't even get me started on all the utter crap they do have on History channel. Like that gosh dang shrimping show. -_-


but chronicler, its SOOOOO true!

JK, I can completely understand you there. I actually hate the History Channel in general. They don't have many historical shows anymore, and the few they do have aren't accurate half of the time. I prefer H2 over it simply because they don't play Pawn Stars and American Pickers CONSTANTLY.

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There are a few good shows, but those are the dramatized specials, like the one about the Industrial Revolution or Houdini. But even then, those are not 100% accurate.

@Political_Slime SOOOO true. I get tired of them constantly playing pawn stars and the other garbage. Put that on another channel! I want to see some Alexander the Great or Benedict Arnold or something!


every pawn stars episode

Step 1. "I've got this SUPER rare item to sell"
Step 2. "IDK the value, I'll call a buddy in"
Step 3. (various haggling)
Step 4. either buys or doesnt buy
Step 5. repeat

Like that's literally every episode ever. disappointed

But enough of the History Channel! Who here has heard of the sans-culottes? (Whom my Professor calls "The guys who wear long pants")


Of course.

I wonder if they have BattleToads...

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