The History Discussion Topic

Welcome to the history discussion topic! Love it or hate it, we all came from somewhere, and history allows us to document that process! This topic exists for you to talk about your favorite period/event in history!

Currently, my favorite is the era of the Roman Republic, a time full of politics and power. Like seriously, there was A LOT of politics. :smile:

And no, this topic doesn't exist because I'm procrastinating writing a history paper on the French Revolution...

...OK, maybe it is...


I watch the history channel.
I know for a fact aliens are real!


i am no historian, but i got a friend onu matoran who is




I'm a big history buff.

The Roman Republic era would be good if A, you lucked into being born a noble family in a big city, or B, you were born into a big city with access to the Coliseum. Not so much if you were born a plebeian or a barbarian without citizenship, or even worse, a slave.

TBH I don't know what my favorite era would be.


I have a time machine. I know all about history.

Want to know how the Egyptians built the Pyramids?
Who shot JFK?
What texts were lost when the Library of Alexandria was burnt?


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Lee Harvey Oswald

Shh! Don't ruin the conspiracy theory! stuck_out_tongue

Mmm... History. How I love thee stuck_out_tongue

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If anybody's into Medieval history, this game looks really neat.

Hey everyone, just want to remind you all that political discussion is not really something we like to see here, so please don't engage in that. History is pretty cool, I'm a big history guy myself, so I'm interested to see what you guys discuss. Just keep it clean and polite, alright? smile


True, but to be fair being Plebeian had its advantages. Towards the end of the Republic, support of the Plebians was vital to any political campaign.

Does talking about historical politics count as political discussion? Like, not giving any opinions on it, just saying that it happened (e.g. what I just said above, talking about Roman politics but not giving opinions on it).


History is one of the greatest things since... well since we started recording it =D

Did you know that slaves didn't build the pyramids? It was mostly workers who were paid, and had nice, comfortable living arrangements, as well as ample food and water. They also led in the first ever recorded strike against Ramses III.

Tune in next time for: More Accurate Facts than the History Channel!


I did know that.

But not that.
Didst thou know that the shortest president twas one President away from the tallest, Abe Lincoln?

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Didst thou know that William Henry Harrison died just 32 days into office? Poorith sucker.

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I'll go ahead and say that's fine for the moment. If things get uppity, or people start giving their opinions or view points, that'll likely have to stop. But for now, go ahead.


Didst thou know that George Washington planned to be a sailor at one point, but his mom stopped him at the last moment (And I mean literally; his bag was already on the boat).
For more interesting facts about Washington, read Being George Washington. Seriously, that book was so good I read it twice; I wish more history was portrayed this way?


I did knowst this, as I was made to research this historical titan and portray him as a project. I dressed up in representational clothing, and acted like the man for a good two hours. I knowith this man's life like it were my own.

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James Buchanan or Andrew Johnson? (My widgets are on Buchanan...)

Twas' James.

Possibly Magneto.

Poor old Tippecanoe.