The Hover Hog

The siege equivalent to the hover horse, this beast was constructed for ramming and punching holes in fortress walls with its heavy artillery while still remaining maneuverable.

Crew: 1
Armor: 5 inch titanium plating reinforced with dampening technology
Weapons: dual proton axes, dual front facing laser cannons, hidden plasma cannons
Affiliation: Knighton

this is Jeff, he doesn’t talk much.

This moc was created using only the parts from ultimate Robin and the battle blaster.

Thank you for viewing.


Nexo Knights 2017 sets confirmed!!!

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My first thought when i saw the name was a flying roadhog.

This is good tho.

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Pretty good shaping here. I also misread hog as dog and was very confused.

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It looks ready to bust into the castle behind your castle…

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There have already been some pictures of the new new wave.

Relatively simple, but I like it.

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Really diggin’ the design.

Compact, Simple but solid.

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… what?


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