The Hype Train is Reaching its Destination!1!111one!111!

I drew a thing because Bionicle was confirmed by LEGO today! Now, it may seem like more “Hype Train” spam, but I drew this, and created the topic to see what people thought of it, and not to make just another Hype Train spam topic.

If you can’t read what it says:
On the Hype Train: Hype Train, #Bionicle2015, #gethyped
On the Deny-it Train: Deny-It Train, #HF2015, #fake
On the Train Station: September 19, 2014, Bionicle Confirmed
It says Hype Tractor on the Hype Tractor.
The Deny-It Train is falling into Le Spikes of Doom.
What do you guys think?