The Hype Train, the Hype SPACESHIP, and Tokkyu-Oh Hype MOCs

Before I get things started, I would like to say that while this may seem like just another Hype Train spam topic, it is actually a topic about a couple MOCs that I have worked on since the DDoSruption. Please, don't flag this for spam simply because it involves the Hype Train. I still cry myself to sleep every night over those fanarts. /s Just sit back, relax, and critique the living Karzahni out of these MOCs.

Anyways, let's get things started.

These are, like I said earlier, a couple MOCs I made during the terribad DDoSruption (of doom). They are the Hype Train and the Hype SPACESHIP.

Let's start things off with the Hype Train. Love it or hate it, the Hype Train has become a staple of the Bionicle fandom. The Hype Train took me much longer to construct than the Hype SPACESHIP, and that's pretty evident by the look of it. I designed it so that it can run on track. Now, let's look at the individual cars.

First off, is the front car. With its glorious Hau, and its stud cordak of doom, it strikes fear into its foes, and gives its allies a feeling of Hype.

Next, we have the middle car. It has a crane for loading people on and off the Hype Train. It also doubles as the fuel compartment. The crane can also be used to wack foes to their doom.

Now for the articulation of the crane. It can spin a full 360 degrees, go up and down by about 180 degrees, and extends to twice its original size.

Here we have the back car. This is the most basic of the three, mostly because I ran out of ideas. Feel free to rip this one to shreds.

Some components of the Hype Train can come off to combine and create a thing.

Here's the front car's transformation.

Here's the middle car's transformation

And here's the back car's transformation.

They can combine to create...

Tokkyu-Oh Hype!

Here it is from several angles, with its blue manly nipples, its Hype Blades, and its stud cordak.

Here is Tokkyu-Oh Hype in a combat situation. It fights with its Hype Blades and stud cordak. Because the Hype Train has no brakes, Tokkyu-Oh Hype must be separated from the wheels to transform. The remaining Hype Train parts provide a weapon of their own, forming a barrier to trap the enemy in, and using the crane to hit any enemies in range.

But what is that, off in the distance?

It's the Hype SPACESHIP, which has no landing gear, coming in to help Tokkyu-Oh Hype save the day!

The Hype plane can combine with Tokkyu-Oh Hype to become a shield, a blade, and a cannon! Gitshrekt, Terribad!
Again, please look past the fact that this involves the Hype Train, and look at it for what it truly is: a couple MOCs.
What do you guys think of this? State your opinions in the comments below, and make sure to tear that back car a new one!


Kyoryu this is fantstic!

At first I was like "Man, this is kinda weird, with the balljoints and the stuff, I guess he ran out of bricks"

And then I saw it transformed! This is like, the best thing, I love it. 10/10, 8/8, whatever, I can't like it enough. 8D


Oh the irony



awesome very cool

Not bad.

Tenouttaten. It's gr8 m8, 8/8. Eh looks cool and doesn't afraid of anything.


greatest train in the world

The crane bit kinda reminded me of one of the den-o carts more, especially with the face in front

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Good ol' Den-Liner.

I can see the Hype Train being like the Den-Liner. Just with 5 additional cars instead of 3. One for each Toa/Master


A Bioformer! thats cool the bionicle who transforms into the hype train smiley


Come on guys, one more like!

This thing deserves Nice Topic/Nice Post!

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you out did yourself
skype clapping emote

This should be a real set xD

I want to see someone do an actual ToQ-Oh out of Legos now.

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Someone has made a LEGO Tokkyu-Oh. There's a video on YouTube about it.

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Good heavens I need to make something like this. I LOVE IT,

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(By the way, Astrotrain was the Decepticons' own Hype Train.)