The Identity of Acronix Revealed! (Ninjago Time Twins)

I was watching one of Jangbricks’ reviews quite a while ago, when I happened to notice something very interesting in his LEGO Ninjago Dawn of Iron Doom Review 70626.

Jangbricks’ review is below:

Anyhow, the theory deals specifically with the minifigures. SPOILERS, to those who want to save the moment, so don’t click on the picture below!

#Again, Spoilers!!!


So, yeah. Dr. Saunders is one of the Time Twins, specifically Acronix. [/spoiler]

Discuss this essential plot twist below!

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This pretty well known in the Ninjago community in the show they dont event treat like a plot twist more just like something that happened

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Well, no one posted anything here… (at least I don’t think anyone did) so I just did it!

its alright, I guess not the many on the boards knew (I thought it was common knowledge) due to all the theories on youtube

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Hm. Well I can’t watch the show most of the time, so this is interesting.

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Finally, Dr. Saunders is revealed to be the evil mastermind he is.

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That guy always did rub me the wrong way.

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