The Incredibles

Not to me.

I prefer the writer of the original to have fresh ideas and make them flawless than make a rushed sequel.

The guy said himself he likes to make sure he has amazing ideas for sequels before he does them.

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I don’t really like that idea.

Mostly because when I read that I thought of Mr. Incredible having a creepy Luke Skywalker-esque head.


The puns…


To me, good ideas shouldn’t take about 1/5th of someone’s life to happen.

Plus with the amount of time between films its very unlikely that the film will feel like a good and necessary continuation from the previous.

I didn’t say good ideas. I said flawless.

Also, this happens to some writers who are begged for a sequel. They take a while to see how they could make it better than the first, or at least just as good.

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We both know Incredibles 2 wont be flawless, everymovie has a flaw. There has never been a flawless movie and likely never will. At best this movie’s flaw will be the 15 year age gap that will likely cause a sense of disconnection as the graphics will have been updated from the previous film along with the increasing age of the cast and how that will reflect on the movie as a whole.

Yes, i don’t want a rushed sequel, but I’ve seen many amazing movies that have came out in a shorter timespan. Its the ‘Half-Life 3’ paradox, the longer the wait, the more it risks losing hype or simply not amounting to the increasing level of expectation.

I just don’t believe that 15 years is necessary for a good movie and i instead feel that this film’s delayed release is similar to Toy Story 3 - in that they had great ideas, but are now simply aiming for the audience of the first film to be old enough that they’ll bring their own kids. It like Finding Dory being 13 real life years after Finding Nemo to simply tell a plot that amounts to ‘lets find my parents’

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This is very true.

Also I’m still really hyped for this movie. There have been enough Pixar movies in between this movie and the original that I haven’t been sitting all this time waiting for a second Incredibles.


Finding dory was pretty apparently pretty amazing, that’s a good sign.


I doubt it adds much to the discussion of whether 15 years is an appropriate time to develop a worthy sequel, but Wikipedia’s Incredibles article has these quotes from Brad Bird, who created the story and directed the movie (also playing the role of Edna):

"Director Brad Bird stated in 2007 that he was open to the idea of a sequel, if he could come up with an idea superior to the original film: ‘I have pieces that I think are good, but I don’t have them all together.’

During an interview in May 2013, Bird reiterated his interest in making a sequel: ‘I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have. Because I love those characters and love that world.’ He continues, 'I am stroking my chin and scratching my head. I have many, many elements that I think would work really well in another Incredibles film, and if I can get ‘em to click all together, I would probably wanna do that.’"

His thoughts seem to be very similar to Chronicler’s, in that he wants to conceive an idea that is superior to the first movie’s (a titanic feat in itself), and then wants to incorporate all of the lesser pieces that he has in his mind, without making it seem rushed or cliched. He’s also stated that he wants the sequel to shy away from the superhero movie trends that emerged after the first movie was released (I assume he’s referring to the Marvel and DC philosophy of expanded and interconnected universes), and wants to keep the focus on family dynamics. All of these expectations are undoubtedly difficult to combine, especially given audiences’ expectations for superhero films in recent years, and Bird has been involved in other projects that likely have taken time away from the sequel.

Yes, 15 years is a long time, but I think it’s acceptable, given the circumstances and the expectations of the fans.


There has not really been many new trends that have emerged since the Incredibles, a majority occurred before The Incredibles though, with the Incredibles parodying a few of them along with James Bond. It was primarily a family film with super powers used for action and comedy.

Heck, the place where they live ‘The city of Metroville’ is actually a combination of Metropolis and Smallville

Personally i always thought everything revolving around Jack-Jack was the weakest part of the first movie - mixed with the ‘cheating’ subplot that felt rushed and badly handled, ending abruptly. A lot of the original ideas for the Incredibles were simply rather bland, such as the idea of Violet’s ex boyfriend being the main villain with Syndrome just being a throwaway character at the start.

The issue is to do a second movie, they would need to include Jack Jack in some form. Yet Jack Jack is essentially the ‘Dr Manhattan’ to the Incredibles universe. He has so many powers he makes the rest of the family obsolete and unless they follow down that road where Jack Jack has made Superheroes virtually non-existent because of how powerful he is… i don’t really see a way they can move forward.

The baby sure did mature. :baby: