The Incredibles

A Pixar movie were superpower is outlawed by the government but something evil lurk for revenge and its up for a small group of family to fight back.

Also if your wondering about the sequal.


About time this got a topic. This is also one of my favorite Pixar movies.

This is basically me favourite film ever so the sequel Better. Be. Good. What am I saying? This is Pixar, it will be good.
I hope…


One of the true classics made by Pixar. It perfectly encapsulates everything that makes comic books and superheroes great! And it’s hilarious!

I need the sequel nooooooowwwww!!!

love this movie

am very hopeful for the sequel, before it was even announced I always asked “what pixar movie needs a sequel?”

they would always say incredibles

My and my family’s favorite scene is the traffic scene.

Never before has any animated movie been so true to life than that scene.

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Mr. Incredible: The robot’s in the financial district. Which exit do I take?
Elastigirl: Traction Avenue.
Mr. Incredible: That’ll take me downtown. I take Seventh, don’t I?
Elastigirl: Don’t take Seventh!
Mr. Incredible: Great, we missed it!
Elastigirl: You asked me how to get there and I told you. Exit at Traction!
Mr. Incredible: That’ll take me downtown!
Elastigirl: It’s coming up, get in the right lane! Signal!
Mr. Incredible: We don’t exit at Traction!
[Mr. Incredible yanks the wheel over and careens down the exit]



I just want Frozone and Edna and the sequel will be set.


I liked the first film. Syndrome was a great example of how even a small line can alter a persons entire life.

Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the movie. I wanted to see a sequel in around 2006-2007 however leaving it 15 years is too much.

I get why they did that, have those who watched Incredibles grow up and feed off the nostalgia and the idea they likely have kids of their own to take to see the film… but its just insulting how long its taken.


“Where is my super suit!”


I wonder if Lego is going to make sets based of the Next movie since they got the license to make incredibles figure for the collectible minifigures?

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Better yet…Incredibles constraction…


Come to think of it it’s about time that ridiculous cliffhanger at the end of the first one got wrapped up.
Though the weird gopher man wasn’t really that much of an engaging plot twist as much as a device.

It’s better than that.

As a family film, the incredibles was, and soon will be, watched mostly by younger children and their 30-40 year old parents, the film was such a success however that Pixar knew that they could massively multiply their revenue just be waiting, for what? For the original viewers to be getting into their twenties. The film is such a classic that younger children and their parents will watch it, and the original viewers will also want to watch it since they liked it so much as kids.
1.5x multiplier on the revenue right there. Even my dad will probably watch it and he’ll be 50 by then.


I still find Syndromes death funny.
Real good foreshadowing.
But yeah, the original movie was awesome
Movie sequel? Hype

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Another one of my favorite Pixar films, I loved the characters (especially the villain) and the humor.

I will forever follow Edna’s advice. I can’t recall a superhero I have created that has a cape.


I just said that, just with less words xD

That’s supposed to have been a joke gag/ending.

Though admittedly they made a video game following that plotline

I think I must have wrote my original comment wrong,
I referred to the ending as a plot device, by which I meant he was meant to be an excuse for the incredible story be incredibles rather than actual story, I only recently finished English lessons at school (for good this time), so the terminology was probably a bit too niche.

As for the 15 years thing, you had said the original viewers have kids now, I said the original viewers are at the stage in their lives when they would otherwise be least likely to watch this film, your statement would be more accurate had the film come in 2029.

I need to stop rambling, this is ridiculous.

The director said he would only make a sequel if it was at least as good as the original, so that’s why the delay makes sense.

Also, they made a video game based on the underminer.
I remember one robot saying “This device could turn the whole world upside-down”
Mr. Incredible replied with “you’re upside-down!”
Then a boss fight began.

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Was the game canon?