The Insect Queen

So I been makin a bunch of bugs lately. Someone told me I should make a queen or something. So, here ya go I guess… ugh…

She can throw the skull spider that’s on her hip or something

And I made a hammer for her, but I didn’t really like the way it attached, so I trashed it.

Anyways, here’s the last thing I will make that’s a sort of a “bug moc”

They’re starting to bug me

So far this is my least favorite recent moc of mine


I can’t really say this is a bug but still looks pretty cool and spooky


Yeh ik

I adore the colours.

The arms are a tad weird though…

They are, in fact, my least favorite part of this moc. I agree to the fullest extent, but poseability is amazing

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It’s a pretty cool MoC and I love the colours! The only nitpick I have is that the skull spider on the thigh is kind of out of place, but it’s nothing too major.

I’m not a huge fan of the parts usage in the waist area, it looks odd to me.

Nothing really strikes me as being an insect here. If you’re gonna make an insect queen, don’t make it humanoid.

I find this more of a Necro than a bug, the build is fine but areas here and there aren’t covered well.

Yeh, I assumed. It’s the only silver thing. The only other skull spider I have is the greenish one :confused:

Yeah, I don’t much like it either.

Well, I think a better name would have been “Queen of Insects.” She doesn’t have to be an insect herself. And… I have no idea how I would make that.

Like where? I guess the blue stuff. I’m not sure if it’s armor or… not armor…

I feel it falls apart with the arms and had.

She must be queen of the stick insects.

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I feel like adding a thorax to her rear would really help the insectoid look you´re going for

As in, it ruins the aesthetic, or it falls apart? because both are kinda true c:


Yeah, but, like… that requires effort…

Purple, orange and blue, a winning combination.

I love the build on her, it’s very unique. You’ve done well with the Technic/CCBS integration with this MOC and the custom builds on the MOC are very nice looking. The weapon is also pretty great too.

The astetic