The Invictus Analysis: Piraka Attack Discussion

The final Invictus Analysis that was recorded before he departed has just gone live! Discuss it here.

I felt like it was appropriate to create a topic for it here considering its the finale. stuck_out_tongue

Also, there's one more video related to Invi that we'll be releasing in the coming days (before Comic Con) so stay tuned for that...



The final analysis.....

I am very sad to watch this, however I must force myself to.....for Invy!

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I'm gonna miss invictus analysis. I guess I'll just have to remember C. A. Hapka's sabotage for the next few years wink


That was great. I laughed so hard at the last line I cried!

I guess it is a fitting send-off for the series. Too bad that there are no more.

That ending was perfect. Viper sounded like she's put up with this crap for so long that she can't even get mad about it.

This is one of my favourite ones that Invi made! I can not wait for his return. I kind of wished it did not end abruptly and explained to the youtube audience about it. Still a great episode!

or at least explained it in the description
for those without a forums acc

I think part of the joke is that it'll confuse anyone who doesn't know he left.

I enjoy the fact that our irregular audience has no clue what this video even is.

Gotta love dumb Youtube comments.


Viper hurt Invy so much there that he had to quit ttv. You heard it here first, folks.

In all seriousness though, I will miss this series. It was fun.


This was one of the things I always loved about the Analysis.


I do agree ngram
I totes agree
the best is the toa maker video comment section

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I've played this game dozens of times, but thanks to Invi I now realize the Piraka are the good guys stuck_out_tongue


Isn't it sad that so many people were feeling sorry for Invi's third biological Grandmother?

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pretty much
thats pretty sad that they thought it was true

I don't think I've ever heard Viper being mad. Even if it was fake. Or is it fake?

I don't care if this is a necropost, I'm still gonna comment anyways because I haven't. (Plus the hate for necroposts is really dumb).

I remember when this came out and it made me sad because I loved these "reviews." I still miss Invictus, and I can't wait for his return.

I agree, I had no idea he was leaving and when I saw it which was the first video in a month in the series I went fro excitement to sadness