The ion Engine

(under internet because I don't know where else it should go)

well guys the first ion engine was sent into space and orbited around ceres

now all we need to do is have FTL or slipspace and we'll be good to go


The page was not found when I clicked the link.

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here try it now

It works now.

Very interesting, this is.

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Ah yes, Ceres, the dwarf planet named after the Roman god of the harvest. It looks like TIE Fighters are a real thing now. smile


We should rename Ceres Harvest instead. Halo fans will know what I'm talking about. Because he's the god of the Harvest? Human colony in Halo is called Harvest


eh harvest should be the name of a planet we inhabit, ceres is an astroid, not really sure we could live there

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cries inside

(pictures of Ceres for reference)


facepalms so hard hand is through my head


The second one represents that perfectly.


Seems interesting.

Amazing that we made one. So anyone think that the ion engine will replace the classic rocket engine we've used for 60 years?

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I dont think so because the planets were named after the roman gods. (except pluto)((i used to good at this)) also not sure that scientists are going to rename a planet after some video game plus ceres is great name for such a small planet repersenting a less known roman god. @Middlefingerstudios not sure because earths roman god is herra or terra i think and it offers the same meaning as harvest.

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Oh. See, I was under the impression it was a planet. My whole reason to name it Harvest is because she's the god of Harvest. I'm just gonna be on my way now.

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well ceres is a dwarf planet but i can see how you would think it would be a astroid.

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Nope, Pluto was named after a Roman god. Pluto was the god of the underworld, as well as the god of riches. He's pretty much the Roman Hades.

You are correct in saying that Terra was the Roman goddess of the earth, however it does not have the same meaning as harvest.

Anyway, we should probably get back on topic...


This is awesome!


right? It looks like something out of science fiction, now all we need are mass relays, slipspace, warp, or hyperspace, any one of those will due


Did it really appear in Star Wars powering up Darth Vader's Tie Fighters?

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it did apparently