The Iron-Warlock

inspired by a Knights


changed Catergory to Lego Creations -OT

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thanks didn’t see that lol

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Doesn’t really seem like a warlock, it reminds me more of a knight.
Aside from that, this is pretty good. although it’s not really a problem with the MOC in the first place

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I like the scarce use of (trans-)blue.

The lower legs are odd, but otherwise I like this. The head is pretty good.

It’s pretty good, though what is the purpose of the saw? Is it a weapon or shield, or is it just back armor. If the latter, it doesn’t look great.

I’ve also never liked monochrome MOCs. If I were you, I’d add a bit of color to it.


Like @SammySpartan said the MOC is a bit monochromatic; other than that, however, it looks pretty solid. I would try to fill out the back of the lower legs or do a custom construction. The ends of his shoulder armor end a little abruptly as well.

Overall great work, just needs refined in a few places.

I bet he’s a pretty dark guy… get it, because he can’t see…
No honestly, I don’t like the lack of a face or at least some useful eyes.
He’s got a cool shoulder design though.

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The colourscheme is somewhat bland, but I do like his construction. The shoulders are really nice.

Is This Better Senpai


it’s beautiful




Oh…well then.


10/10 would face again.


Man how ever did you do that great custom face design

110/10 give that man a sandwichaward

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He’s a little (and by a little I mean a lot) generic, but the construction is pretty solid. It feels a bit like an Aeonyx too…but just without being called that despite how she’s made that species so open for use.

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