The Irrationale

Note: Unfortunately I will not be able to continue making comics for The Partisans because all of the image files I’ve used for it are saved on a computer that is currently not functioning. Instead of going through the meticulous work of trying to recreate them, I’ve decided to start fresh.

I do intend on returning to The Partisans at some point, however it will be quite a while until I can get the computer fixed. This is to keep me busy for now.

With that out of the way, I would like to welcome you, dearest reader, to The Irrationale. A comic of ego, existentiality, mutual aid, and humor.


PGS applications are now closed.


That was short, and yet I’m already hooked.

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That was pretty good! I love Kasper (hope I spelled that right)! I get the feeling he will be my favourite character.

I like it already.

I would post a gif of that roman dude giving you a thumbs up, however I can’t find one, and I’m not really an expert or authority on good comics.

I did enjoy it though…

PGS characters are nothing but a spook of the mind.
-Kasapar 2016

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Comic 1: Finding Friends

Comic 2: The Ego and His Own


Liking this series so far, Kaspar being my favorite of the three.

Kasapar is definitely my favorite of the 3 characters. (did I spell it right?)
He’s hilarious.
I like this comic so far, so keep up the good work.

So do we get to sign up our characters for an appearance in the comics?

Also, these are pretty cool

Yep. PSG means Permanent Guest Star, so essentially you’re a character that’s borrowed from another comic.

Well that’s interesting. You mention that this is a comic about ego, so I’ll just base a character off of myself.

Name: Sonus

Personality: A somewhat intelligent being with a very dark, dry, and sarcastic sense of humor. He finds standard life boring and is willing to do anything that he considers entertaining (shooting and stabbing things counts as entertainment. Pretty much anything involving conflict, physical or otherwise.). Unfortunately, Sonus does have some morals, and probably won’t go around murdering innocents. Probably.

Appearance: I’m not sure what race/species your characters are exactly, so I’ll assume that a new character would be based on a similar template. Sonus wears a black Huna (Vakama’s version). And has a color scheme of black and grey. His eyes are a light blue.

Oh, ok.

I’ll sign up.

Name: Erriku

Personality: he cleans pools, and is a weeb. He’s smart, and laughs a lot with friends, but is very shy and very quiet when not with friends. Gets embarassed easily, and dislikes being wrong, and will do whatever it takes to convince the pther person he’s right.


I predict Kasapar will initiate Bionicle’s first Oligarchy.

Well, I’d like to enter myself. I assume you’d keep him as a Matoran.

Name: Leoxandar (or Leo is fine)
Personality: If you’ve read the Republic (or any of Plato’s dialogues) think of his character Socrates combined with how Stan Lee writes Spider-Man with a dash of Bill Shakespeare’s comedy relief. (If you make the dialogue sound like an ancient epic, that would be accurate to how I talk :stuck_out_tongue: )
Appearence: Red and gold with a gold Lhikan Hau. Eyes are green.

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Kasapar makes me chuckle.

I’ll post a PGS application if/when I can think of one.

All applications have been accepted.

Comic 3: A Merry Band

Comic 4: The Nihilist and His Own


@Sonus s going to kill us all, isn’t he :expressionless:


Kill you? I don’t want to kill you.

You all complete me.



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