The Issues with the Anamisian Parallel Universe

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This topic has shown up in all of your “New” category, but I’d like to reach out to a particular audience. If you, who isn’t involved in this small group of maximum 20 people, read on, that is good, I appreciate it.

Let’s get the show started.
I made a universe, which is called the Anamisian parallel universe. (I’ll reference this several times in this topic.) This universe has been in developement for about 4-5 years, and I am planning on expanding it even further. I am having no issues with the creation of this universe, it goes really well, but I1m having issues with people misinterpreting schemes or phrases.
Let me explain. I’ll begin from my self-MOC, Eddie. He is a dragon, and I always felt that the word “dragon” has a bit of negative reputation to it, you see, everywhere it is used, it is often found in a derogatory compilation of words. So, I didn’t want to say “dragon”, thus, I created a phrase, the “Trodax”, which means “dragon”.
The connection I want to make between the last and the current paragraph, is that these Trodax have six individual “gods”, the Trex. (They are consideered gods by the Trodax, but the Trex aren’t gods. They need to eat, sleep, poop, all of what a regular being has to do in order to remain alive and functional, but the Trex don’t age.) The Trex have three different sets of power, so, it’s 18 different powers. These powers were passed down by th generations, and they “produced” 18 individual Trodax with purity in each element (meaning that an Earth-element Trodax can’t use Gravity or Hunger, and vice-versa.) With that said, these Trodax are constantly capped at their powers on level 6, equivalent to a level 4 Kraata. If they want to access the “forbidden power”, the legendary level 10, they need to ask for it. It is more of a formal way for a request, but it’s needed and expected. The Trodax on their level 10, aside from Gravity, can destroy or create planets, so they are almost “incarnations of the gods”. They are not, however.
The other thing I have been getting a lot of slack is that there are 4 human in the Trodax Clan. These humans are from an entirely different universe. In this universe, the humans have a greater avolutionary and/or adaptational ability, so they can easily settle on harsh planets and adapt to these in three-four generations. The Trodax and the Humans of the APU have been fighting for pretty much the entirety of the Trodax history, first, the Humans oppressed them, then they oppressed the Humans, and the bickering won’t stop until one species is dead.
The Trodax have a two-component blood (You’ll see this come into play in a bit). The Humans can adapt very fast to different circumstances, and thus, they are capable subject of a “Trodax-ification”, which involves only their blood. The two species’ blood can be mixed, but given that the Humans can slowly adapt to the new type of blood, it takes decades to get an even amount of Trodax and Human blood, preferably 75-25 for the Human blood. The Trodax have two big Ts, but the Humans have a big H and a small h. The two mix together like so:

These are the mixing, and you can see that the Trodax bloodtype is prioritised. As you can observe from the picture above, the person, who has Trodax blood donored to them, has the ability to have more Trodax blood donored to them. Sort of a self-generating process. The Trodax bloodcell has a tendency to latch onto the other bloodcell and amalgamate it into the body of the Trodax bloodcell. This process does not trigger the immunity towards the Trodax blood, thus making the Trodax bloodcell into a biological weapon of sorts.

I hope all of my information came throug, and though a bit cluttered, I think it contains every single little bit of useful “stuff”.

Have a great day, anytime you are reading this,


I like this explanation.

Should I do one for the Tukar…?

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If you do one, I would insta-like and read it, twice.

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I will once I get home from school!

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I still have one issue. And I will present this as a question.

What is blood? How would you define it?

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The substance that deliers oxigen and exchanges CO2. Also, the stuff that is red when you get cut.

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Yes, a stream of fluid pumped throughout your body that carries nutrients the cells of your body need.

Here’s the thing, a species has blood that carries the nutrients they require. That what blood is. Any species that isn’t a Trodax would have a body that wouldn’t know what to do with those substances.

And if said substances are seen as foreign, the body would destroy them. This isn’t just Trodax or human, but every species that has blood.


The thing is, that Trodax blood can bypass the substances that trigger the allergic/immune reaction. It’s not because I’m sloppy, it’s because Trodax blood has evolved in a way that it can reproduce from the Trodax and make only Trodax in an environment that does not benefit the Trodax. The Trodax blood has the ability to become a replacement of the “consumed” cell, outright fooling the immune system, making it a replacement of the original, and retaining the Trodax quality.

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That’s only part of the problem. What nutrients does Trodax blood carry?

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The same that Human blood carries. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Then how does it give humans special abilities?

Blood is nothing more than a means of transporting nutrients.

It probably would have been more effective to simply PM those people instead of confusing the majority of us.

If nothing else I think the title could use a less click-baity change, no offense intended.


It does not give the An’dzahk special powers. It gives an increased healing factor, nothing more. nothing less.

@Triple I didn’t give a click-bait title. It’s an issue that we have been discussing, over and over and over again.

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Yes. A special attribute.

My question is, how does blood containing the exact same stuff do that?

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I’d bring Wolverine into the discussion, who can regenerate from a single drop of blood. I’m not going to comment anything on that, I’ll just let that sink in.

Perhaps renaming it “the anamisian universe” or “the world of the anamisian universe” or “a breif word on trodax.” If nothing else it will make the title less clunky…

Also, great work on world building, I always love to see a world that has been thought out well.

My point is that all blood contains is nutrients to fuel an organism’s cells.

Blood doesn’t contain the abilities of a species.

It contains DNA which could give said abilities.

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In that case wouldn’t the recipient also generate some of the physical aspects of the donor?

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Possibly, but not necessarily. It’s possible to isolate genes for specific traits, now the odds of that happening in nature are astronomical, but theoretically possible.

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