The IV-RE Bike

So I was messing around with the wheels from the Furno Bike and this is the byproduct:

Front View:

Side View:

Backish View:

Here’s its secondary form, where it becomes an even bigger unbalanced mess:

The driver himself, Andre Sinclair. Here you can see him with his stacks of money whilst drinking his happy juice:

Here’s the biggest race of the year:

He lost to the dude with the funky hat.

So what do you think? Is it horribad or terribad?


It’s terribad…

/s it looks great!!!


He has style, he has grace.

The vehicle itself is nice, but I think a little too blocky. The big wheel at the end feels a little too big for me, and is smooth compared to the blockiness of the bike. I also don’t like how the window doesn’t fit all the way. Then the front wheel is a bit too small. It looks like it would scrape constantly and go nowhere. The second form, like you said, is very imbalanced, and the back leaves much to be desired.

IMO, not your best work (the beetle beside it and the bear thingy behind it look more impressive to me). However, I like the minifig.

Hopefully that gives you an idea on what I think. Not to put ya down, but I just don’t think this is the best.


Hmmm, a Lego version of that old cartoon Wacky Races?

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That’s completely understandable. Should I just redo the middle or replace the entire bike?[quote=“Chronicler, post:3, topic:30046”]
The big wheel at the end feels a little too big for me,

Again, I understand this completely. I’ll replace it with a smaller wheel.

That was kinda done on purpose, since a normal motorcycle doesn’t have its windscreen cover the entirety of the driver. A piece that covers a less space might help, I guess.

I agree with your point on the front wheel, but it shockingly can roll around (it’s less than millimeter away from not, but still).

I guess I should’ve been a bit more specific when it came it, but the second form is actually just a joke. I just thought it was ridiculous enough for it to be somewhat apparent. I guess I failed at that too. :laughing:[quote=“Chronicler, post:3, topic:30046”]
Not to put ya down, but I just don’t think this is the best.

Trust me, I’m less than offended. I was extremely unsatisifed with the bike and now that I have some criticism to work with, I can try to make it better.

Thanks CronkMaDonk!

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The colour-scheme makes me cry.


But Pek

I wuv my reds and yellows

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Using @Chronicler’s critiques and recommendations, I tried my darnedest to fix the bike:

He even has a seat now:



I think that looks great but i kinda prefer the original. I liked the unique shape of it. No offense but I feel like sliming down the wheel makes it more generic. I understand how this view could be frustrating because I know people have told you to do pretty much the exact opposite XD.

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Nah it’s fine, but I’m probably going to leave it like this. I personally prefer it with the smaller wheels.

Yes, this looks much better. The wheels are a reasonable size and the back looks good too. I also like the additions of the lights. Much better work.

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That ground clearence though.

This is beautiful.

Oh no…

I actually like most of it, except for the new rear wheel…

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Thanks Loby!

It is possible to modify the bike to take the bigger wheel, although I’m personally liking the smaller wheel more.

I guess if enough people prefer the former’s rear, I’ll change it back:

  • Bigger Wheel
  • Smaller Wheel

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My opinion doesn’t matter.

I just enjoy the absurdity…

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im still crying

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Mocs that result from the tinkering of one or few odd pices are my favourite types of mocs. Your skill in shaping with system is also impressive

gosh darn it you went away with what made it quirky and cool in the first place. Don’t let realism hinder creativity!


but mcdonalds uses red and yellow

why cant i be mcdonalds pek?


So would you like it more if I kept the new frame but replaced the back with the larger wheel?


because you made it yellow and red


cmon pek

everyone loves mcdonalds and communism


tbh i liked the bigger wheel, but both work well

my biggest issue with both of them is that they don’t integrate the windshield very well
like they’re just sorta floating in space

it seems off to me

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