The Jedi Exile: The Sith Lord

After creating my first Jedi Exile picture, I decided to make a sequel, showing off a female, evil version of the Jedi Exile if she falls to the dark side. Canonically this would probably be Meetra Surik, but this is a Sith so it’s really not canon. I don’t really have a name for the Exile’s dark side form.

Again, watermarked because I don’t want scrubs stealing it.


Nice job. Getting coloured lighting is something I suck at.

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Why didn’t you move the watermark down so it looked like a detail on the clothes or something?


What’s wrong with putting your signature on it and not making the image less good?
I don’t like putting watermarks on my stuff.

Signatures can be cropped.

@Rac at the moment I use the default DA one but maybe I should make my own.

Certainly a well drawn picture (I can’t really talk about that, since I never draw digitally), but she reminds me of Hillary Clinton. I know, it sounds weird, but the hair and the general size of everything just made me think of her the moment I saw this.

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So I should just replace my picture with this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, that definitely wasn’t my intention. It was based off of this:

This was the head I used when doing my dark side run.


Why don’t Jedi ever wield twin lightsabers? Or double-bladed, or hilted, or anything special, for that matter?


Asajj Ventress had twin sabers. And some Jedi do have twin sabers. They’re just either Legends canon now or obscure.

For this drawing I did two different hilts for stylistic choice.

I think I read something that was written a LONG time ago about them not using them because the Jedi were peacekeepers and/or the fighting techniques had dark side origins. I do know there were some pretty famous (though now non-canon (thanks Disney (/s))) Jedi users of double bladed lightsabers, and during the clone wars dual-wielding lightsabers was pretty common.