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Anyone ever watch the king of echh? I personally find his videos hilarious and he had some great moments on Game Grumps, but what are your thoughts on him?

Some of my favorite videos of his were the Kinect Star Wars review, the Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts review, the Bubsy review, and his Goosebumps review


Can’t go wrong with Jan Tran… o wait.

I really liked the Jon Era of Game Grumps, life was so simple back then. I do like most of the other shows that Game Grumps produced a.j.t. (after jontron), but Sonic Ooo6 man. It was wonderful. :smiley:

My favourite JonTron episode is probably Birdemic. :smile:

Jurassic Park 2 was also good.

(I really like his movie reviews… :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’ve heard bad things about Jon the person, but I enjoy his videos and time on gamegrumps regardless.


^ this topic

But yeah, I really enjoy a lot of Jon’s content. Game Grumps was great, his videos since then have all been fantastic.

What kind of bad things? I’ve heard of twitter arguments, but is there more?

My favorite Jontron video would probably be the clocktower video, because that’s his first video I saw and I’ve been hooked on his videos ever since.

I like him.

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Have you ever gotten completely wasted with Jon in a hotel room during PAX East?

I haven’t, but the Super Best Friends did.
Sounded like it was fun, too.


I liked that one video he made.

I liked his Home Alone game review, and the Goosebumps ones…

Disclaimer: His videos contain strong language, so caution to younger viewers

Yeah JonTron is up there with some of my favorite YouTubers. I love how animated and passionate he can be. Inspirational, and funny!

Jontron is definitely my favorite member of Normal Boots, and one of my favorite youtubers.

It’s like candy for your ears :heart:


Jantran is the best

You could have named this topic “Bird vs. Camel” and no one would have argued with you.



not the best remix i’ve heard

Schmoyoho could have done better.

something like this:

feat @John_Smith


You can’t top Japan’s stuff


Brb, off to kill JonTron in effigy.

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Seeing how Jon put “Jontron” on hiatus while working on Starcade (Which will take years to finish at the pace he’s going), I don’t think we will be seeing his original show for quite a long time.

JonTron is so cool, I just watched one of his videos for the first time three days ago, and I subscribed after watching just ONE video. I don’t do that often. That’s how cool he is. :smile: