The Jovian Moons

Jupiter has 79 moons why not give them some love. And Jupiter’s sacred animal is an eagle sooooooo

The largest planet size moon Ganymede
The most cratered moon in our solar system Callisto
The sulfuric volcanically active Io
And the ice covered Europa with dark red cracks
All the Galilean satellites are here. Plus something extra

Built for the first round of the 2019 BioCup
Theme: Solar System Subtheme: Jupiter

More pics ok my Instagram:


Those are awesome. The Rakhshi head one is probably my favorite. I

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This is awesome! You made some really creative usages right there!


I love lego birds, so seeing them made in a style with bionicle parts is really cool! Nice work!

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The smol birb? Is that supposed to be another moon, or just something you threw in because you could?


Yeah that’s supposed to be just one of Jupiter’s tiny moons

@LegoDavid @Toa_Radrix @Tuaro thanks a ton guys