The Jungle Dudes

I would first like to sight @Vicroen, because I was inspiered to make this after seeing his Uxar sketch.

I apologies for Lewa's horrid proportions, his head and body are way to big for his limbs. Visuna is okay, but the star of the show here is most definitely Uxar. I tried to give him dragon fly morphology, while still making him distinctly alien. I only drew one half of his wings, because I handed to show the legs better. And it would have been more trouble than it would've been worth to mirror the wing venation. I tried turn the gears as spines or riges to add visual intrest.


I can definitely tell who these are with the exception of Uxar. The look doesn't quite suit him, I recommend slimming down the body and widening the wings.

Hey this is pretty good

Really? I thought that with the wide tail and such, this look suited him better. Hm. Also, the only problem with widening the wings is that it would be even harder to attach them all to the thorax.

It's mainly just the body I have issue with. One thing I forgot to mention was the head, I like what you did with it.

the proportions on Lewa are kind of wonky