The Kanoka Club

Does anyone remember the Kanoka Club? Ya know, when you'd get a code in your BIONICLE sets, and then you'd enter them on and get a secret prize? I remember it.

The Kanoka Club had a big influence on my life... I'd always love to see what I could get. But there was only one problem with the Kanoka Club: The codes only worked a year later.

Yes, this was a major problem for BIONICLE fans like me and my brother, because we wanted to see the stuff they had in store for us, but it never worked until a year later. That was the downside of this whole Kanoka Club thing.

Eventually, Kanoka Club was renamed to Bio-Club, and the same problem occurred. You'd think they'd fix it when such a problem was upon it's shoppers. But nonetheless, it still did not affect me very much, since I could wait a year. But I still miss the good ol' days of Kanoka Club. I hope it could come back.


Yes, I DO remember it.

Most of the rewards were total crap though.

Except in 08 with the prototypes.


Yea I remember it was great I hear

I remember this, funny thing is I entered the codes for every set I got (mind that I have nearly every set) but can't remember getting a single prize. I was young so my parents may have denied it of something, which would be very unfortunate

all who had a computer should know of the kanoka club
wasnt it great when they had the code on the back of the containers
like no one knew how to write the code down, amirite?
but gotta agree with ekorak on the rewards

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Boy does this bring back memories. Man I remember collecting as many codes as I could to gain access to all the extra stuff.

I also remember at some point in 2006-2008 they started adding all the older games back such as MNOG, which was freaking awesome because that was before we had things like Solis Magna so there was no way to actually play the game for five years.


I would always go out to the store and write down every code I could. The only good reward I ever got was MNOG II, and that game turned out to really suck in the long run (and it became free after a short time), but I enjoyed it when I played it, and that's what really matters.

I remember the Kanoka Club...those were the good old days......

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I was too young too understand it, I only learned about it until 2007

Oh wow. What memories.

Lego should totally just bring back the kanoka club except the prizes would just be prototype pics

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